What Is Personal Hygiene
  • October 13, 2021
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What Is Personal Hygiene?

Personal hygiene doesn’t only mean taking good care of your body but maintaining healthy habits to reduce the risk of illness. Hygiene increases the self-confidence of a person and leaves a positive impact on others. Keep reading to know the importance of personal hygiene.

Why Personal Hygiene Is Important?

Personal hygiene is crucial for the social health and wellness of the body. The social benefits are highly encouraged when your hands are clean. Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, we need to keep ourselves safe from germs and avoid their spread by regular hand sanitiser. Your hygiene is important as it benefits you and impacts the lives of others around you as well. In fact, good hygiene practices also reduces your body odour.

Hygiene Practices You Need To Follow-

Hand Hygiene-The first place to start with personal hygiene is the hands. As we all know, hands are the prime carriers of germs. Washing your hands constantly is the most efficient way to keep yourself clean the whole body and maintain personal hygiene. Our daily routine tasks such as taking out the garbage, using the bathroom, cleaning our nose, coughing and getting in contact with people who are sick.

You should be washing your hands at frequent times throughout the day to stop the spread of germs or diseases. To maintain good hand hygiene in Australia people need to follow some basic rules. Keep in mind the following steps if you want to keep your hands clean and free from germs:

  • Before eating or cooking food wash your hands with clean water and apply handwash/soap.
  • Always dry your hands with a clean towel or a lot to air dry.
  • Scrub your hands with handwash/soap for at least 30 seconds.
  • Don’t forget to wash hands after a trip to the toilet, coughing or sneezing and being in contact with someone. They play a major role in spreading germs
  • One of the simplest and quickest ways to keep your hands clean these days is using a hand hygiene sanitiser. Carry a small one in your bag.

Germs are present everywhere and obvious culprits are places like bathrooms, doorknobs etc. People pick up germs from such spaces and spread them to others. According to CDC, germs are strong and they can survive on any surface for 2 hours.

Evidentially, they are easily transmitted by sharing physical contact like touching, shaking hands and hugging. A person who is suffering from a cold can spread his infection to 20 people around him; just by sneezing. Since the power from here!

Hand Hygiene is the first defensive step towards personal hygiene; it reduces the chance of getting sick by 95%. Use genuine products and research for the best hand hygiene products in Australia. One of such names to distribute quality products is JPS Global Group. We offer cleaning and sanitation products that are ideal for the post-COVID world. We recommend healthy handwashing products to safeguard you and your family.

Hand Hygiene is a careful procedure and must be done right!!

Take a bath/shower regularly– Similar to washing hands, washing the whole body is also necessary to remove the dead skin cells and dirt particles. Personal hygiene dictates the importance of a shower in our life. Every individual needs to bathe daily, and in winters the count can be twice or three times a week. It is a preventative measure to prevent the spread of any disease specially COVID-19.

Showering well with soap and cleaning products rinse away all the bacteria from the body. You should also wash your head twice a week to avoid any bad circumstances. Shampooing the scalp removes skin build-ups and remove oil residues that irritate your skin.

  • Shower daily using warm water and soap. Consider showering twice when the weather is warm. Everyday bathing is an integral part of personal hygiene and is important.
  • Bathing with warm water prevents any foul body smell and kills odour causing bacteria in the body as well.
  • Skin and other infections like Athlete’s foot can be reduced by washing and drying the body cleanly.
  • Using shampoo and conditioner in your hair at least two times a week can keep your scalp clean and prevent any head lice.
  • Our daily task makes us work in so much dust and germs. After being out all day, getting home and taking shower relaxes your body and remove the harmful germs from it.

Wearing clean clothes– After washing your body with clean water and cloth; you need to wear clean clothes too. Dirty clothes are home to bacteria and can cause itchy skin rashes or even infections. Washing your dirty clothes in detergent and drying immediately works wonders! Person hygiene demands 100% clean clothing and a healthy body routine.

Dental care– Oral hygiene is vital to keep personal hygiene practices in the loop. Brush your teeth regularly with paste and floss them daily! According to the hygiene chart, you should brush your teeth once in the morning and once at night. Also, you should floss at least two times a day.

Maintain healthy dental check-ups to avoid any mishappenings. Oral hygiene wards off any gum disease present, bad breath, tooth decay and other infections. So make sure you brush your teeth before and after having your meal. Don’t forget to store your brush in a clean place and replace it regularly.

Restful routine– Getting proper sleep for 8 hours in a day is essential to keep overall wellbeing. If you are a working adult, you must take a rest for 7-9 hours each night. This will energize you and increase your productivity. Freshen yourself up by keeping good personal hygiene habits and create a daily routine for them. Make a hygiene list and stay clean healthy and safe!

Wellness at JPS Global:

At JPS Global Group, we are focused on taking care of people with our efforts and specially made health products. Now, you must have understood the importance of maintaining personal hygiene. Good hand hygiene reduces the spread of germs and harmful bacteria instantly.

That is why we have made hand hygiene easier for people in Australia. We sell and distribute the best products in the market and create a safer environment for yourself. Get more details about our organization and services by visiting the “Products” webpage on our website now!